Interview: OhSevenDays by Megan Mummery

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Hi Megan, can we learn about you more? When did you move to Istanbul and decide on living here?
I moved to Istanbul 3 years ago after studying and working in London for 3 years. I moved here with my now husband, who grew up in Istanbul. I had been here previously as a backpacker and loved the city, so moving here was an easy choice!

What is the story behind your brand OhSevenDays?
OhSevenDays is an understated, nonconforming and ethically sourced contemporary womenswear label emphasizing simple versatility. I decided to start the label after moving to Istanbul and discovering it as a great city to cultivate a collection and a brand. The aesthetic is a mixture of Australian ease, European classicality and Eastern textures. Using lush fabrics and cool modern silhouettes, I aim to ensure all our pieces have both intricacy and clarity.


Photography // Fidan Kandemir

Let’s imagine a “OhSevenDays woman” in your mind? How do you picture this woman, who is she, how does she live etc.?
The OhSevenDays girl is a worldly girl who is style conscious without being addicted to trends. She is cool and relaxed, embraces a romantic femininity but also has a rebellious masculine side. She has a curated, yet minimal wardrobe that emphasizes quality and ethically sourced pieces over fast fashion.

Can you give some details relate to pieces of AW16 collection? What is the theme and idea behind it?
AW16 is all about luxurious comfort. Oversized silhouettes, cushy vibes, and cool tones run strong throughout the collection whist maintaining a minimal yet unique design aesthetic.


Comfy and casual pieces are included in this collection; how did you decide to have this kind of style?
OhSevenDays (as our name suggests) is all about daily wear – pieces that can be worn every day of the week. That includes a lazy Sunday in an oversized sweatshirt. But all our casual pieces can be up styled and worn on a night out too. I think it’s ımportant to offer variety in a collection.

As we know, the fabrics of your collections are coming from Istanbul… How is the process of looking for fabrics in this kind of city where you can find many options?
The first year searching for fabric was very difficult as I didn’t speak the language and I didn’t know my way around the city. But now I’ve learnt the textile neighbourhoods and have made friends with the fabric sellers! It’s now a pretty fun experience. I typically go to Zeytinburnu for large rolls of fabric as there are lots of variety out there. Osmanbey is also a great area for fabrics.


Photography // Fidan Kandemir

It also seems that you like minimal, basic design which is a bit contrast to Istanbul; a city full of chaos, and vivid colors… So, how is the reaction of people living in Istanbul to your clothes?
I think when you live in a city as vibrant and hectic as Istanbul, it’s quite nice to have a simplified and minimal wardrobe. I think people here are starting to adopt a more minimalist lifestyle also, so my collections have been popular.

We wonder how you get inspired by the culture you’re surrounded with?
I was born in Canada and grew up in Australia, then went to study in London and now I’m living here in Istanbul. I’m obsessed with travelling and seeing new countries and cultures. I think this plays a huge role in my collections. I’m always finding inspiration in the new places I visit, in particular from the people I meet. It’s a good way to keep current and internationally relevant.

Lastly, where can we find AW16 pieces in Istanbul?
You can find it in Bilstore and Hipicon!


Photography // Fidan Kandemir

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