Istanbul for Beginners III

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Istanbul for Beginners III
Article by Deniz Yılmaz Akman
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Experiences You Should Get


Regardless whether if you live here, or you have just a couple of day to visit Istanbul, there are lots of things including never ending list; tastes to try, secret places to explore… For us there are some moments that should be experienced:

  • Turkish tea that you can find almost everywhere is one of these things to not miss. We can suggest Cafer Ağa Medresesi; an old medresseh garden with a silent and peaceful athmosphere. Tea is served with a  special thing glass and red-white striped coasters.
  • Forget about third wave coffee chains for a day, and taste Turkish coffee in an old place. “Manda batmaz”;  a typical coffee which is cooked with coal fire. It has more bubbles and it’s tick that you’ll like for sure.
  • In Eminönü, you probably notice that there are many simit (Turkish sesame pretzels) cars, and “fish-bread” corners. Eat them while sitting on benches across the Galata Bridge.
  • For a beautiful overview of Istanbul and roofs, go to Büyük Valide Han. If you write this name on social media, you will find many pics taken there. This place is still very special and peaceful in weekdays. Firstly you should go to Çakmakçılar Yokuşu (close to Eminönü) and then ask someone “Büyük Valide Han”. Everyone can show it.
  • Hammam experience is maybe a little too touristy but it still has the importance for locals as well. If you wan t to see historical hammams (Turkish bath), you can try Kılıç Ali Paşa or Cağaloğlu Hamamı.

foto vefa

–   Boza is a special historical liquid drink includes sugar, corn and spices. If you want to try this authentic taste, Vefa Bozacısı (a place where you can drink “Boza”) must be the place. When you drink your boza, you feel happy on its nostalgic wooden chairs.

  • Close to Vefa Bozacısı, there is a delicious pide saloon (Turkish pitta bread  with meat) which name is Karadeniz Pide Salonu. We bet it’s one of these tastes you’ll never forget!
    Karadeniz Pide Salonu Address: Hacıkadın Mahallesi, Katip Çelebi Cad., No 23/B, Vefa
  • Visit the neighborhood Kumkapı. It’s an area full of many “meyhane” restaurants. But also here is special for us to buy Greek style milky cream to be eaten with honey. Boris’in Yeri serves this cream or you can just buy some to eat later.
    Boris’in Yeri Address: Ördekli Bakkal Sok. No:19, Kumkapı
  • If you’re visiting Istanbul in spring, don’t miss “Erguvan” purple-pink judas trees especially blooming at the coastal lines of Bosphorus. To guarantee this experience, take a Bosphorus boat tour or visit areas like Bebek, Yeniköy near seaside.
  • Watch the ships in Göksu River. Anatolian Fortress is also a good idea to see beautiful and colorful waterside residences.

foto-beyoğlu-göz-hastanesi- For the ones who are into architecture of Istanbul, we suggest you to visit Beyoğlu Göz Hastanesi (Beyoğlu Eye Hospital), Salt Galata (gallery and pre Ottoman Bank), Mısır Apartment (on Istiklal street), and Minerva Han in Karaköy.

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