O Apartamento//Lisbon – A Space Full of Light and Inspiration

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O Apartamento // Lisbon – A Space Full of Light and Inspiration
for Lisbon Guide
for the interview with Luis Ferraz, a photographer from Lisbon


Photo by Nuno Fox

We met O Apartamento (the apartment in Portuguese) when we were in Lisbon. With these creative minds, Armando (the founder), Ana Krausz (content manager), Ines Matos Andrade – Paula Cosme Pinto (creative producer), and Vasco Aguas (project manager), this space is not just a PR agency but also an event place for launches, a residence for artists and a collective spot for creatives from Lisbon and all around the world. As it says; “O Apartamento is all about connecting people!”. O Apartamento hosts different creative projects, thereby it becomes an alive address for people who want to join a workshop, a private dinner, an exhibition, or a launch event.

When we were there, we felt like we’re at home! A home with a generous light coming from the windows. This “home” was surrounded by modern design objects, lots of indie mags and inspirational pictures (such as Pauliana Valente Pimentel’s one) on walls. Our curiosity about Lisbon and its dwellers replaced with happiness and satisfaction after we met amazing people there. So, there is only one thing to do at this point, to learn more about this space:

For O Apartamento website: www.oapartamento.com
For their Instagram account:  www.instagram.com/oapartamento


Photo by Nuno Fox

For those who don’t know O Apartamento, can you tell us how was the idea shaped at the start?
It all started with Armando Ribeiro, our creative director and a communicator by nature, addicted to magazines and with a huge curiosity about meeting the people behind them.

Can you describe this neighborhood where O Apartamento is placed?
O Apartamento is located in a residential neighborhood, 20 minutes walking from the city center. Quiet on weekends and quite hectic during the week, as this is also one of Lisbon’s business axis.

_PACK SHOTS_AvoVeioTrabalhar__26_Credits Pedro Sadio

Photo by Pedro Sadio

Here, you had different kinds of events, workshops and exhibitions… But one of them seemed so fun… What was this event of “collection five” by some joyful ladies about?
Collection Five is a series of cushions from “A Avó Veio Trabalhar” (grandma came to work in Portuguese) project and their fifth collection. Since then they’ve launched a collection of animals. Because we like to be part of and collaborate with interesting projects, specially the one that work with/for the community, we opened the doors of our ‘home’ so they could present that collection.


Is there any upcoming exhibition and event at O Apartamento?
We plan 2 exhibitions a year. Since the last one ended in February, we will only have another one after the Summer. Until then we will host several workshops like the ones with Emily Katz, the macramé guru from Modern Macrame.

For someone who wants to see O Apartamento, can he easily ring the bell and say hi?
Preferably in the afternoon. We’re here all day but we need to have quiet mornings (hahaha) to answer emails, meetings with clients, etc.

_RC18541_credits Rodrigo Cardoso

Photo by Rodrigo Cardoso

You seem very close to each other, but you have to be disciplined enough when it comes to “working”. How can you balance “works” and “fun”?
It’s quite easy for us. We all know when to fool around and when to be serious and commit to the work.


Photo by Luis Ferraz


Photo by Luis Ferraz

We would like to hear your…
-3 favorite restaurants
O Asiático
Less by Miguel Castro e Silva
Oficina (in Porto)

-3 favorite designers
Joana Astolfi
Toni Grilo
Gonçalo Campos

-3 favorite design brands/stores
Miolo Design (store in Porto)
Under the Cover (magazine store full of design magazines)

- 3 favorite singers/bands from Lisbon
Gisela João
D’ Alva
Cícero (Brasilian singer that comes to Lisbon quite often and already performed at O Apartamento)


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