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Can you tell us how did you decide to dance? What did drive you to dance?
I did not decide to dance actually, I just started dancing while I was learning how to walk. The instinct to dance was sort of like a force of nature in me, I could not resist it. It just felt a better form of communicating than talking, it still does sometimes :).

How did you become more interested in “pole dancing” and start to practice?
That is a very long story, but here is the most important parts; I tore my ligaments around my ankle when I was 18, naturally that was the end of my professional dance career (or so I thought). The doctors told me that let alone dancing, maybe I won’t be able to walk properly again! Which was ridiculous by the way, now my ankle is stronger than ever! But then I thought I was not going to be able to dance on the floor again, so I got interested in aerial arts/circus performances. My logic was that you don’t really need your ankles while flying in the air J. So, I started with silks, trapeze and rope, eventually moved on to Chinese pole as my ankle got better, then I found out about pole dance during my travels in Australia. I just fell in love with the empowerment that it awakens in women!

Besides pole dancing, which dancing performances you are involved in?
Contemporary, Jazz dance, hip-hop, Aerial Silks, Aerial hoop, Static trapeze, Corde lisse and Chinese pole. These are the ones that I have done professionally, but of course a dancer always tries new things. I am practicing tap dance lately.

Can everyone learn pole dancing? How much time do you spend on training?
YES! Everyone can learn pole dancing and everyone can get good at it, it just requires patience and regular practice (like everything else!). I am not a good example of how much a normal person should train though, because I practice A LOT! Sometimes even too much, but this is my profession, so keep that in mind when I say I practice 5-6 hours a day, 4 or 5 days a week. For a normal person, it is enough to train 1-2 hours a day, 2-3 times a week, like a normal exercise regimen.

Do you think that pole dance is misunderstood by people who don’t have enough information about this dance? How are the reactions generally?
Pole Dance is not misunderstood. In my opinion Pole Dance is jus ‘Not Understood’ at all in general. Basically, pole is an apparatus, much like a trapeze in circuses, that you can use for ANY type of dance or performance you want! So there is just not a clear definition, or a style that Pole Dance belongs to. You can just use it as a gymnastic device to get strong, you can do acrobatic things and get crazy with flips, you can be a flexible person and wrap yourself around the pole, you can also do all of them while being sexy and sensual! Mostly it is associated with strip tease because I believe it is easy to reject something rather than try to understand it. I also don’t understand why sensuality is a threat to our society, it is a beautiful way to express a very important part of ourselves, our sexuality. If you are human, you are sexual, period… The more we try to hide it behind closed doors, the more suppressed we get. Pole Dance is a good way to open up this tightly shut door and explore, just because it’s connotations, not because it is pole dance.

In your WOW studio; which type of skills, dance performances do participants take when having a course?
We have Pole Dance(acrobatic), Pole fitness (strength), Exotic Pole (sexy), Poleography (choreography with pole), Bendy Body (flexibility), Burlesque and Adult Ballet Classes. These are regular classes that you can take every week, but we also have workshops on lap dance, strip tease, twerking and occasionally hip hop.

Imagine that a person wants to dance and doesn’t know where to start… What do you suggest for her?
Whatever makes them excited really. Mainly for regular dances, the type of music they like to listen to is a good way to start because the relative dance has been done specifically for that music. It means that if they like the music, they will like the dance too. If it is something like pole dance or aerial which is not tied to any special music style, I would just say go for it and don’t think too much :).

If we ask you to share 3 favorite songs when you’re dancing…
Travel Slow
by Elderbrook,
Naughty, Gold by Chat Faker and
Copy Cat by Skream.

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